Silicon City - retro city building for a modern world

  • Silicon City v0.23 update log
    Hello mayors!Here's a new update for you. This one is the introduction to the sandbox mode! And some other changes such as: New camera movementsNew buildings: the green spacesBug … Lire la suite
  • Silicon City v0.22 update log
    A new update of Silicon City has been released and contains many new things! Some important bug fixes, UI reworking, new buildings and missions, and the translation of the … Lire la suite
  • Silicon City v0.21 update log
    Hello mayors!A new update is available for Silicon city! It includes new buildings, bridges and a new fixed road layout system. News Check it out There is a Tipeee … Lire la suite
  • La navigation des piétons dans la ville
    Le système de navigation de Silicon City utilise une implémentation de l’algorithme A* (A Star) [1], très populaire dans les intelligences artificielles actuelles. Il est possible pour un piéton … Lire la suite
  • Silicon City v0.20 update log
    Hello mayors!I'm very excited to finally announce this update of Silicon City. It's been 2 months since the last one. Today I'm going to introduce you to the newest … Lire la suite
  • Silicon City v0.19 update log
    Description of the new features and updates. List of updates – Social Network- Map views – Difficulty levels- New buildings- Bug fixes Social Network Social Network All the … Lire la suite
  • City taxes, rent and salaries
    In Silicon city, your ajob as a mayor is to carefully manage the taxes you will collect from your citizen and their businesses. In short, high taxes means more … Lire la suite
  • Silicon City map views
    In the upcoming versions are now available 8 different views to visualize your city's map. City City is the default's view. It shows your city in 3D with all … Lire la suite
  • SiliconCity v0.14 – update log
    New features included in this new version: Different maps available independently, such as 'zoning', 'land value', 'security'Time chart that displays dynamically the current population, splitted between working and non-working