Phoebe Coeus is a software making company animated with a love for data and organic code.

We are working on several projects at the moment, check it out:

Silicon City

Retro city building video game for PC/Mac

You will feel the tribute to the old SimCity© and will also discover a whole new city living under your mouse clicks. Every single citizen who join your city has a job, a life, skills that can grow with a decent educational system and most likely a terrible commute time that could be of your concern, or not.
As the founding mayor of your city, gain the approbation of your citizen and follow the growth of your population.


Traffic simulation software for smart cities

A software for modelling a city’s road system and simulating traffic. Real-time simulations can be combined with real-life data to lead to solutions for more efficient roads and traffic. It is still under construction and tends to reach a beta release soon.
This project covers a lot of different aspects such as the 2D/3D rendering, the simulated drivers think process or the physics engine for cars acceleration and behavior algorithm.