Keyboard.Dev – An international keyboard designed for developers.


This is a study case to provide a keyboard made for developers. The product is self efficient. No software is required and will be recognized as any generic device. Simple and solid, no extra feature will reduce the production cost.
At a public price under 50$, it can reach professional use and be compliant with open spaces thanks to a silent key-switch system.

Download the  executive summary here.

latest version: v 1.1 - april 27, 2015.



As the essential and usual functions of a keyboard must be the core of the product, the common 105 keys international layout was used as reference. The latin alphabetical and number keys are arranged using the QWERTY layout, most commonly used.



Coding related characters

Mandatory punctuation was determined to cover all the development needs. 32 characters were listed and arranged in the most logical way possible. Parenthesis goes next to each other and most used symbols such as $ & @ ; are quickly accessible within a short travel distance from the main alphabet.

. , : ; / ! % * $ ? - + = @ ^ _  | - ' " # ~ & < > ( ) [ ] { }

Also, 10 modifier letters are spread over 4 keys (with shift and altgr combination) to type all the common accented European letters, such as Ê Ž Ö Ķ Ğ À ...

^ ` ¨ ´ ~ ˇ ˚ ˙ ˘ ¸


Extra international characters are then added to cover the European support for special characters and most used accented letters. Most of them are added as the AltGr of their reference letter.

¡ ¿ § Ñ Ø Ð ß Ç Æ Œ É È À Þ Ù Ʒ

European characters

Extra characters

35 extra characters have then been added for a new level of text writing. Greek letters such as α or β are supported by some IDEs and others may be useful for writing documentations like the maths symbols (e.g: ∞ √ ≠ ∑)

€ £ ¥ ¤ µ ² ³ ⁿ « » α β λ π φ ∆ ∑ “ ” ¢ © √ ≠ ≈ ≤ ≥ ∞ • ° ¯ ™ × ¶ ¦ ¬



macros12 macro keys are located over the 12 function keys and allow the user to save and run batches of key presses. Stored internally, the user can save them instantly without any software support. Backlight color will turn yellow instead of white to mark saved macros.

The HTML Key

htmlAny character typed when pressing this special key (>) will output its corresponding HTML Code (&gt;). Good compliant front end code has now a name.

The Spacebar also can output a non-breakable-space when used with Alt-Gr, and &nbsp; if also combined with the HTML key.

Media Keys

A quick access to mute, close to volume control. Brightness adjustment in case of screen projection. First aid media playback control (play/pause, previous, next).


Key switches

To avoid the annoying clicky clicky sound, the key-switch must be carfully chosen. The key-switch is the motion part of the keys. There are mechanical, bubble and portable systems.


Two versions of the keyboard may be produced. One using the Scissors technology for a lighter and faster typing experience. The other a version using the Cherry-MX Brown Switches for a better gaming experience.

Final product

Download the  executive summary here.

latest version: v 1.1 - april 27, 2015.


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