20 stunning pictures of fractals you can do yourself

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What are fractals

Fractals are geometric figures including the idea of a pattern that repeats itself. If you zoom in a fractal picture, to infinity and beyond, you'll always see the same pattern enclosed in a bigger one.

Do it yourself

Fractal factory is a simple web application that allows you to generate a random fractal (algorithm explained here under) from a simple and colorful pattern.

Slightly change the pattern and see the impact on the large scale picture.


About the algorithm

Start from a triangle. It has three linear sides, ok.

Now, apply a pattern to this line, replaces the middle third of every line segment with a pair of line segments that form an equilateral "bump", like shown here.

If you apply the pattern to the all 3 segments, you'll get a new shape, made out of 12 segments. You can then repeat the process infinitely.

Originally inspired by Vihart's video, and by my personal hours of school spent doodling fractals as well, I recently grabbed a pencil and sketched a square, with a square on the side with a square on the side and so on to rediscover the joy of unpredictable and geometrical drawings.

Today I turned this into an open source javascript application (Github repo here). More new features are to come such as animation with zoom and rotations, in infinite loops, 3D fractals and a gallery.

Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to submit your creations.
Stay Tuned

Aurelien Jacquot

Aurelien Jacquot

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