Traffic simulation for smart cities

A city's traffic system at your fingertips! Build roads and highways and draw your own city. Syncronize traffic lights to experiment green waves in your city and solve traffic jam situations.
Overpopulate your intersections to see if they can handle large amount of cars. Regulate flows, add new lanes, change drivers tempers or their cars performances.

Load an existing city from anywhere in the world. Thanks to Mapzen API, import real life data!
screenshot - San Francisco
screenshot - London
screenshot - Los Angeles
screenshot - Paris

How does it work?

This application is simulating our own traffic situation with real-data and city size modelitations.

  • Urban Lab

    Create urban or extra urban zones, from a complex crossing to a neighborhood your own roads and traffic plan.

  • Real City Designer

    Load real data from OpenStreetMap and Map Zen.
    Automatically generates a rushhour project from an existing city and adjust it as you wish.

  • Cars!

    Add cars to the system and watch in real time the traffic evolution.
    Customize the average cars engine specifications and the variations tolerances. Are electrical cars more traffic-friendly?

  • Green waves and yielding

    Synchronize the traffic lights to produce a flowing traffic.
    Measure the difference between a yield and a light operated intersection?

What does it solve?

Rushhour is based on forecasts, made by simulations based on car engines capabilities.
From the cars torque to the synchronization of traffic lights, this product can finely analyses the chaotic impacts of every single variable in the city.

  • Natural disaster

    Is it possible to evacuate the city in 24 hours?

  • Public transports profitability

    Add a new bus or bicycle lane and forecast its real conribution in the future.
    Optimize public transport for the next day an event occures, such as a festival.

  • Road works efficiency

    Plan temporary road works during the day or the night and find out the caused disturbance.
    Measure the effects of disabling a street lane in the morning.

  • Environment impact & gas consumption

    Does changing the speed limit has an effect on the city's mass gas consumption?
    Rethink the way the gas stations are distributed.



This software is under development.

We are working hard on this piece of art. A beta preview is expected for May 2016. If you wish to be contacted, please fill in the form and don't hesitate do submit any idea or suggestion.

We are actively looking for any help. Your comments are more than welcome, and if you want to invest or are a good developer willing to work on this amazing project we would love to hear from you.