Phoebe coeus will give you a personal and fully dedicated help to start your business software project from nothing. Architecture will be our key asset to ensure your solution has great foundations. You will be ready to launch and drive your key business to success.
We will think by your side to find out solutions to the incoming issues you may find and come out with creative ideas for your project.


How do we work?


First, we will have to meet and understand each other. Every company have a different approach on how they do business, and we want to get this to go where you are going.


Then, you will give us some time to prepare a good idea. It sometimes takes a couple of weeks, depending of course on the size of your project.
This part of the job involves almost no computer and is mainly done with boiling brains, pencils, paper and a whiteboard.

code & show

Once we agree, you can let us do the magic. You will have insights on a regular basis on how the things are doing, but your software is in safe hands.


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