We do academic and non-profit research.

Our main project currently under development is rushhour, a software for traffic simulation for smart cities

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From 10 years of experience with the c# and the .net framework, every kind of server side architecture can be made to suit your needs.

Using APIs, javascript-only web app are the best. Easily updatable and portable, the more browsers the better.

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Phoebe coeus will give you a personal and fully dedicated help to start your business software project from nothing. Architecture will be our key asset to ensure your solution has great foundations. You will be ready to launch and drive your key business to success.


Our featured research project: Rushhour

traffic simulation for connected cities

A city's traffic system at your fingertips! Build roads and highways and draw your own city. Syncronize traffic lights to experiment green waves in your city and solve traffic jam situations. Overpopulate your intersections to see if they can handle large amount of cars. Regulate flows, add new lanes, change drivers tempers or their cars performances. Load an existing city from anywhere in the world! Thanks to Mapzen API, import real life data!


How does it work?

This application is simulating our own traffic situation with real-data and city size modelitations.

What does it solve?

Rushhour is based on forecasts, made by simulations based on car engines capabilities. From the cars torque to the synchronization of traffic lights, this product can finely analyses the chaotic impacts of every single variable in the city.

Our Main skills

Video - live streaming
With 6 years of experience in the onlie video business, we've come along all kind of projects within this cutting edge technology, such as:
  • SmartTV applications
    Front-end and back-end development of VOD applications.
  • Video On Demand services
    B2B APIs to handle the video content workflow between end users and content providers.
  • Live stream technology
    Deep knowledge on live streaming, from MPEG to DASH and HLS.

Developing n-tier applications in C# for more than 10 years, we can ensure you a software architecture adapted to your own needs.
  • APIs, APIs & APIs
    REST, SOAP, JSON, you name it... These application interfaces are usually the best way to connect the tip of the iceberg to the big machine.
  • Cloud services
    With a good cloud knowledge we are also able to build hub services for highly scaled solutions, when you have huge amount of users.
  • Security
    Solid and bulletproof client and server side solutions are mandatory when it's about your key business.
We have a deep love for javascript since more than a decade, when there was no jquery neither any other framework. It is a very helpful skill today if you have specific or weird devices such as a SmartTV, a set-top box or an car-embedded navigation system.
We've been working on very rich client side apps, such as a banking tools and forex trading platforms.
Of course we also embrace change and are comfortable with all these today's fancy frameworks...
  • jquery, angular, bootstrap, d3js
... and regularly learn new ones!


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